Giving Thanks for the Farmers

Busa brothers Dennis Busa Dan and Erinn Roberts

This year, we give special thanks to the farmers – those past, present and future -who care for the land and bring food to our tables . LexFarm gives special thanks to the farmers pictured here who have made Lexington Community Farm possible: the Busa brothers who started the family farm on the Lowell Street land in 1916  to Dennis Busa, who has continued the family business through the land’s sale to the Town of Lexington through 2013, and finally to Dan and Erinn Roberts, the farmers who will bring you Lexington Community Farm in 2014.

We also thank the community of supporters who worked to save the farm and who will help shape its future as a community farm.





Meet Your Farmers!

Erinn and Dan RobertsYesterday,  we officially kicked off our “Build the Farm” campaign at a special gathering of members and donors at Busa Farm. At the event, LexFarm board members celebrated the Busa family’s contribution to the town and the farm’s history, introduced the new farmers Erinn and Dan Roberts (pictured here), and recognized the contributions of its supporters who helped bring the community farm to fruition. The goal of the Build the Farm Campaign is to raise $150,000 for capital expenses and startup costs for Lexington Community Farm. Expenses include farm equipment, infrastructure repairs, and structures for educational programs, as well as program staff and office needs. As of November 1, 2013, LexFarm has raised $25,000. Please visit our campaign web page for more details and to Donate!

Lexington Community Farm is a project of Lexington Community Farms Coalition and Community Farms Outreach.

Looking Forward…

Busa Farm , soon to be Lexington Community FarmIt’s been a great week of looking back a little bit, but mostly looking forward: how will this farm be shaped by the community over the next several years? What will we see from this point next year at this time? Thanks to LexFarm member Mike Decoteau for this beautiful summer photo of Busa Farm, soon to be Lexington Community Farm…


Lexington Community Farm

We are thrilled to announce that the Town of Lexington has selected LexFarm to lease the Busa farmland for a community farm starting in 2014!! This is the culmination of over four years of work that began in 2009 when the town purchased the Busa Farm with plans for using it for a soccer field.  At that time, LexFarm began as a grassroots group of concerned residents who had a shared vision of keeping the land as a working farm for the benefit of the community. In March 2012, responding to tremendous community support the Selectmen decided that the majority of the 7.9 acre land would be dedicated to a community farm with approximately 1/2 acre devoted to affordable housing. On June 3rd, LexFarm submitted a proposal in response to the town’s RFP for the community farm. You can read the proposal below and we hope you’ll Join us for the continuing adventure!

[slideshare id=24741245&doc=proposalfinal-130729153542-phpapp02&type=d]

Growing Together

goat kids in barnThere are all kinds of kids growing together with help from LexFarm volunteers of all ages: Up at the goat yard, the triplet kids are now five weeks old, and growing fast. They are very friendly, and enjoy all the attention they get when visitors arrive. The LexFarm Goat Yard is open most Sundays from 1 – 3 pm. Check the Goat Yard page for updates.

planting children's farm plotA little ways away from the goat yard is the brand new children’s farm plot – an area set aside by Dennis Busa and planted recently by many enthusiastic children. If you are interested in having your children help tend the LexFarm Children’s Farm plot over the summer on a regular basis, please let us know here.

We’re Digging it!

Farmers have to Dig in the Soil to PlantOn Monday, we delivered our  proposal to the Town of Lexington to operate a community farm on the Busa Farm property! We are so grateful to all who brought us to this point. We hope to hear good news later this summer…

And thanks to the generosity of Dennis Busa, we can start a small learning garden on the Busa Farm this season! Please join us:

On Thursday, June 6, from 1 – 3 pm, we invite kids of all ages to come and Dig with Us as we plant our children’s farm plot at Busa Farm, 52 Lowell St, Lexington!

Details and Sign Up here

(And don’t forget to check out the LexFarm ABC book!)


C is for Community

C is for Community page of ABC bookThis page from the 2012-13  New Covenant School Kindergarten’s LexFarm ABC Book says it all.

THANK YOU to the community, who together pledged $25,431 to support our proposal to the Town of Lexington to operate the community farm on the Busa Farm property.

We are truly grateful and look forward to our proposal being selected, thanks to YOU. Stay in touch and follow our progress by subscribing to our newsletter .

See the complete beautiful and heartwarming
ABC Book here.

Proposal Pledge Drive Progress

Wow! We are almost at our goal of $20K. Thank You
 to all who have pledged to date in support of LexFarm’s proposal for a community farm!  If you pledge by May 31, we’ll add your name to the list of community supporters when we submit the proposal on June 3rd.

almost there!