"Growing Community, Community Grown."

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Become a Farm Founder!

…as a Farm Founder

For those who are able to give more, we extend an invitation to become a “Farm Founder”.

This is a one-time opportunity to make a gift to your community today that will last for generations to come. We appreciate contributions of any amount, and if you are able to donate $250 or more, you will receive special recognition as a Community Farm Founder.

Farm Founder Levels

$250+ Homegrown Acknowledgement on Opening Day,  April 2014
$1,000+ Heirloom Invitation to
Opening Day Reception, April 2014
$5,000+ Legacy Invitation to special on-farm dinner,  Summer 2014

If you have already contributed during our Proposal pledge drive, we will count that amount toward your Farm Founder contribution.

Imagine how Lexington Community Farm will enhance the lives of so many people, and imagine how you will feel on opening day this coming April – as a community member who made it possible as a Farm Founder.  Please give as generously as you can, and ask others to join you.  On behalf of all those whose lives will be enriched in the future from your generosity today – thank you for supporting Lexington Community Farm!