"Growing Community, Community Grown."

Self-serve seedling sale May 1–May 30, with staffed days May 8 & 9. Produce sales start in June.

Build the Farm Gallery

Capital Needs: $90,000
The first year budget includes capital expenses to pay for necessary farming equipment as well as badly needed infrastructure repairs improvements to the farm stand and other farm buildings. We also plan to establish a Learning Garden for educational programs on the farm.

Cultivating Tractor
Cultivating Tractor, such as a Farmall Super A. The farmers will use this for all mechanical weed control.

Tillage Tractor
Tillage Tractor, such as a Kubota 5400. This tractor would handle all of the field preparations, bed making, mowing, disking, transplanting and moving things from here to there.

Seeder, such as a Junior Planet Seeder. This tool allows the farmers to plant three rows of one crop quickly and efficiently in perfectly parallel rows. This makes the weed control process significantly easier.

Flame Weeder
Flame Weeder: This is the tool that the farmers will use to prepare beds for seeding. It uses fire to kill weeds by the thousands just as they are germinating!

Learning Garden
Learning Garden for educational programs
Farm Stand Roof Farm Stand Roof is leaky and needs to be repaired to halt further deteriorate and withstand the weight of winter snowfall.

Farm Stand Interior
Farm Stand Interior to fix ceiling damage from the leaky roof as well as improvements for produce distribution.

Building Repairs
Building Repairs, such as repairs to broken timbers inside the washing station attached to the farm stand.

Public Safety and Access
Public Safety and Access Improvements, such as parking lot repairs, driveway relocation, and barriers between the farm stand and parking for pedestrian safety.

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First Year Operating Expenses: $60,000
In addition, there will be expenses for community program staff and establishing office space and equipment for program staff and the farmers.
Community Program Staff Community Program Staff
Office Space Office Space for program staff
Office Equipment Office Equipment for program staff and farmers

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