"Growing Community, Community Grown."

Self-serve seedling sale May 1–May 30, with staffed days May 8 & 9. Produce sales start in June.

Build the Farm (May)

This is it!  

shovelingOn June 3rd, LexFarm will submit
our proposal for a community farm!

It’s been over four years since we dared to dream
that we could save Busa Farm as a community farm for everyone.

With tremendous community support, a farm was saved.  Now it’s time for the community to build its farm:

Our plan will require significant start-up investment in equipment, facilities, and staff.

Pledge to Build the Farm

We’ll add your name to the community of supporters
that we submit with our proposal

Here are just a few exciting aspects of our proposal that we’d like to share with you:

  • professionally developed on-site education programs and volunteer opportunities for all ages
  • food donations of 10% or more of the total produce grown
  • recreation trails, including a new loop designed for the ACROSS Lexington trail system
  • a partnership with Community Farms Outreach (CFO) to manage the farming operation.
    Waltham Fields Community Farm logoCFO is known to many as the non-profit that has run Waltham Fields Community Farm for nearly twenty years. CFO’s expertise will ensure that the farm provides fresh, locally grown produce through CSA shares and a farm stand.

Our success in saving Busa Farm was
thanks entirely to the local community.

Your pledge will help us demonstrate
strong community support in our proposal.

If you pledge by Friday, May 31,
your name will be listed (at your option) in our proposal,
and your pledge will be counted in the total community pledge.

Please Pledge now to Build the Farm