After the Blizzard…

goats after blizzard atop structureOur herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats enjoyed beautiful views on a sunny Sunday afternoon, thanks to owners, caretakers and volunteers who variously plowed and shoveled paths to the barn doors and climbing structures. Click picture for close-up – Left to right: Ella, Naya, Pepper, Sapphire (rear), Ionia and Salt.

Goat Yard on a Winter’s day

Ionia and the herd enjoy a Winter's Day at the LexFarm goat yardWe enjoyed public visiting hours at the goat yard on Sunday, after holidays and weather had kept us away. Ionia and the herd enjoyed some green branches and met some new friends – those enjoying a walk on a beautiful winter’s day, along with many new “adopters”. This photo taken by Richard Jenson, of Lexington. The goat yard will continue to be open to the public for visits on Sundays from 1 – 3 pm, weather permitting, and as volunteers are available. Learn more about the LexFarm goat yard.

You can “Adopt” a goat!

Adopt a Goat flyer

To further its mission to create farm-based educational opportunities, LexFarm helps care for a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Goats are ideal for teaching about sustainable land use and how farm animals make a food system complete.

You can support our work and provide a unique gift (including visits to see the goats) – by “adopting” a goat for a year.

Read more about the LexFarm goat yard and Adopt a Goat Today! 

Meet Phippen!

Ella and PhippenOn Sunday, Nov. 4, a new doeling, Phippen, was introduced to our goat yard. She is visiting for about a month while a buck visits her home barn in Belmont for breeding. We said good-bye temporarily to Naya and Sapphire as they were sent to visit Phippen’s barn for breeding. If all goes according to plan, there will be lots of new kids at the Goat Yard some time in April.

Come and meet Phippen during LexFarm Goat Yard public visiting hours in November, Sundays 1 – 3 pm, volunteers and weather permitting!

Mending Fences at the Goat Yard

Climate Summer interns working at goat yardLast week we were privileged to meet a group of Climate Summer interns who were in Lexington for a week to connect with community leaders and with one another to share ideas and solutions around the issue of climate change. On Saturday, they arrived at the LexFarm goat yard to help us install proper fence posts and a new gate to a forage area for the goats.

NE Climate Summer Interns

What does this have to do with combatting climate change? Well, it’s a tiny little piece of land, but little by little, as the goats forage, and we work to rebuild the surrounding soil in part with their composted manure and plant more forage, we will be demonstrating how farms and farm animals can be used in a system that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

Thanks to Daisies

Daisy Girl Scouts help outWe had some great help from Daisy Girl Scout Troop 65197 with some important spring work at LexFarm’s goat yard yesterday. Under the direction of Farmer Charlie, they raked out, mixed up, turned over and shoveled all the compost (including wonderful, rich goat manure) that had been collected over the last several months. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to use the compost to enrich some soil to plant goat forage. After their hard work, the troop enjoyed some time with Ionia and the rest of the herd.

If you would like to bring your group to LexFarm’s goat yard, just to visit, or to help with a service project, please visit our “Group Visits” page.

Goat Yard open today!

Salt and Pepper

Pepper (left) and Salt (right) practice their head butting technique.


The LexFarm goat yard will be open to the public today from 1 – 3 pm. Come meet the 5-week old baby kids, Salt and Pepper! Park at Busa Farm (now open for the season), 52 Lowell St in Lexington,  and walk straight back to the red barn. Please, no dogs!!

Jumping over Mom

Jumping over MomHere is a new video of one of the new baby goats trying to jump over Ionia … enjoy!

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