"Growing Community, Community Grown."

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Around Town

LexFarm was founded by residents of Lexington and Arlington. The founders and current LexFarm leadership are committed to the preservation of farming in our community as an integral part of our health, heritage and ongoing civic life. Education outreach (off farm) includes collaborations with public and private schools, civic and service organizations, and social service agencies.

On the Farm

Farm-based programs at LexFarm are as diverse as the communities we serve. Our intent is to foster connectedness to the farmland, farmers, history and each other, through a deeper understanding of the food system. Programs on the farm provide hands-on instruction on such topics as building healthy soil, promoting animal habitat, four-season composting, home gardening, and sustainable food production.


For questions about educational programming, contact education@lexfarm.org

Interested in hosting a birthday party in our Learning Garden?  E-mail us at education@lexfarm.org for information and availability.


Summer Programs and Events


Yoga on the Farm
Mondays, 6:30–7:30pm
July 16, July 23, and July 30th

Evenings in LexFarm’s fields are a peaceful place to relax, exercise, and find time away from the hustle and bustle of your daytime activities. Start your week off right by decompressing with a yoga class, led by experienced instructors.

Admission price/person, per date: Members $15, Non-members $20
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Culinary Mushroom Workshop
July 14 (Saturday), 10am-12pm

Come learn to grow delicious edible mushrooms by inoculating logs, straw, and a wood chip garden bed. The workshop will be led by Willie Crosby owner at Fungi Ally, a mushroom farm in western Mass. Willie has been growing mushrooms for 5 years both indoors and outdoors. Participants will go home with an inoculated log that will provide 3-5 pounds of mushrooms over their lifetime.

Participants will learn to inoculate logs with shiitake mushrooms, inoculate straw with oyster mushrooms, and install a wine cap mushroom bed in the garden. These methods are easy ways in incorporate mushrooms into your farm or garden. Mushrooms are exploding in popularity as delicacies in restaurants and as nutritional powerhouses. This workshop will prepare participants to produce a mushroom FEAST at little cost in their own homes.

Admission price/person: Members $30, Non-members $40
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Insect Walks on the Farm for Families
Tuesdays, 10:30am–11:30am
July 17, or August 14

Come explore the world of bees, moths, dragonflies, and pollinators. Learn about the role of both pest and beneficial insects on the farm. Get hands-on, learning how to use collection nets to conduct insect sweeps and specimen jars to get an up-close look at insects around the farm.
Admission price/family, per date: Members $20, Non-members $25; $5/additional child
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Birding on the Farm for Families
July 23 (Monday), 10:00–11:30am

Join an experienced bird guide on a walk through Lexington Community Farm’s fields, trees, and field edges. Explore how the unique habitat of our organic farm hosts active bird populations that have behaviors unique to our farm. Come learn about nature’s great opportunists. Activities for children and access to bird guides.

Admission price/family, per date: Members $15, Non-members $20
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Edible Weed Walk
July 29 (Sunday) 10am–11am, or
August 19 (Sunday) 10am–11am

Join an experienced herbalist to identify common edible weeds. Learn about nutritional and medicinal applications that trace back centuries. What if weeds in your garden were just as nutritionally dense as the crops growing alongside them.
Join us for a walk at LexFarm and learn how to identify common farm and garden weeds as well as edible native and invasive plants growing in the wooded borders of our farm!

Admission price/person, per date: Members $12, Non-members $15
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Story Hour on the Farm
August 6 (Monday) 10am–11am

What better place to learn about the very hungry caterpillar or wiggling worms than in the learning garden at LexFarm? Kids pull up a seat for stories, crafts, and a visit to the goat yard.

Children should be accompanied by an adult.
Admission price/family, per date: Members $12 Non-members $15
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Organic Gardening Series
Tuesdays, 5:30pm–7:30pm
August 7: Advanced Organic Gardening 201 – Pest and Disease Identification and Controls
September 4: Advanced Organic Gardening 202 – Season Extension, Intensive Planting, and Succession Plans

Discuss topics like how to pot up rootbound potted plants, prune for health and productivity, identify disease, pests, and watering issues, fertilize for maximum plant health and high yields, and solutions for unwanted small animals. Delve into deeper issues like no-till, micronutrients, and more

Come to one or all classes.
Admission price/person, per date: Members $20, Non-members $35
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Flower Arrangement for Adults and Families
August 8 (Wednesday), 5:30-6:30pm, or
August 22 (Wednesday), 5:30-6:30pm

Come for a hands-on workshop on flower arrangement. Collect your own flowers from our flower field. Learn from an expert, and leave with a beautiful bouquet.

Admission price/person, per date: Members $30, Non-members $40
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Introduction to Preserving
August 25 (Saturday), 1:00pm–3:00pm

Learn techniques for preserving summer’s bountiful veggies! Discuss proper ways to can, parboil, freeze, dehydrate and store fruits and vegetables to keep you eating local all winter.

Admission price/person, per date: Members $12, Non-members $15
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Compost Workshop
Rescheduled  – Stay tuned for new dates

Learn how to manage compost. Create quality compost to boost fertility in your home garden, divert food scraps, and close the loop with backyard food production! We will discuss: How we manage compost on the farm, systems that work well for backyard compost operations, the basic science behind composting and steps to successfully build quality compost.
Admission price/person, per date: Members $20, Non-members $25
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