Thank you for your interest in Lexington Community Farm! 2018 CSA shares at Lexington Community Farm will go on sale in mid January.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Produce Will I Receive Each Week?

The harvest changes as the season progresses. Over the months you may experience tender spring green, crisp carrots,  mouthwatering summer melons, tomatoes bursting with flavor, crisp autumn broccoli, tender potatoes, robust winter squash, sweet potatoes that melt in your mouth, and the freshest leeks around. In early June a share might contain: a bunch of arugula, a bunch of kale, a bunch of radishes, a bag of spinach, a head of lettuce, and a head of bok choy. Around August, you might expect something like: a bunch of beets, a cantaloupe, two cucumbers, 2-3 green peppers, a pound of red potatoes, and a quart of saladette tomatoes. By late October, the share might include: a cabbage, a bunch of leeks, sweet potatoes, a butternut squash, a pound of carrots, a bunch of kale, lettuce, and a few turnips.

Can I Split a Share?

If the following guidelines will work for you, you are welcome to split your share with someone else. This option is slightly less expensive than it would be for two households to each purchase their own 10-week share. The signup form includes a way to indicate all participating shareholders. The guidelines for splitting shares are:

  • Each participating household must maintain a LexFarm membership at the Household-level (or higher).
  • Each participating household must attend an orientation session at the farm to become familiar with the pickup process.
  • Payment is managed by one party. This means a single payment to LexFarm for the CSA share.
  • The entire weekly share is picked up in one visit to the farm.
    • You could alternate pickup weeks or, if you are sharing vegetables for a single week, you will need to come to the farm to pick up your share together or split the share at home.
    • We are not able to manage one party picking up half their share at one time and the other picking up their share later that day.

What else is for sale at LexFarm this season?

We will offer a spring seedling sale of vegetable and bedding plants for your home garden. In addition, we expect to have locally produced specialty food items including eggs, milk, bread, cheese and meat, as well as Dennis Busa’s corn when it is in season.

When can I harvest my Pick-Your-Own (PYO) crops?

We encourage you to harvest the PYO portion of your share during your assigned pickup option. However, you can do PYO during any of the scheduled CSA distribution periods.

Do you offer work shares?

We offer a limited number of full CSA shares in exchange for one morning or afternoon of work per week during the CSA season. There are two types of work shares. Harvest work share participants join the farm crew in harvesting and washing vegetables to be distributed through the CSA program. Shopkeeping work shares help with setting up, replenishing, breaking down, cleaning, and customer service during CSA distributions in the farm stand. Work share positions involve physical work, a weekly commitment to work at the farm, and involve a formal interview process.

What if I can’t make my regular pickup?

Produce is harvested (and delivered from Picadilly Farm) for the number of shareholders signed up for each pickup, so we cannot accommodate modifications to your assigned pick up. But, you do have some options:

Seek a swap. We have set up a Google group to help you swap dates with someone else if needed. Finding a swapmate is not guaranteed but has worked well in past years.

  • Each of you has been emailed an invitation to join the Google group. (To resend your invitation, email
  • Have the swap mate check in under your name. You do not need to let us know.

Send a friend. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce a neighbor, friend, or co-worker to the farm. As with swaps, have the friend check in under your name.

Donate your share. If you don’t pick up your share, the food will not go to waste. Our volunteer food access team will deliver unclaimed produce to area organizations in need through Foodlink.

If all else fails, call the farm stand (781-862-7247). If you are running late, or realize at the last minute that you cannot pick up your share and cannot make arrangements to have it picked up, call the farm stand. Please use this as a last resort, but we will always do the best we can to get you your produce!

Will there be an orientation for new members?

Yes. As we get closer to the start of CSA pickups, we will schedule orientation sessions to explain the logistics of your weekly pickup experience. All shareholders are expected to attend an orientation session. Once these are scheduled, shareholders will be notified.