Lexington Community Farm

We are thrilled to announce that the Town of Lexington has selected LexFarm to lease the Busa farmland for a community farm starting in 2014!! This is the culmination of over four years of work that began in 2009 when the town purchased the Busa Farm with plans for using it for a soccer field.  At that time, LexFarm began as a grassroots group of concerned residents who had a shared vision of keeping the land as a working farm for the benefit of the community. In March 2012, responding to tremendous community support the Selectmen decided that the majority of the 7.9 acre land would be dedicated to a community farm with approximately 1/2 acre devoted to affordable housing. On June 3rd, LexFarm submitted a proposal in response to the town’s RFP for the community farm. You can read the proposal below and we hope you’ll Join us for the continuing adventure!

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Community Farm approved!!!

Busa FarmAfter almost three years, hundreds of letters, phone calls and statements, Lexington’s Board of Selectmen finally gave the nod to a community farm tonight. There will be some as-yet-to-be-determined amount of affordable housing along the view of the farm, but there is no longer any doubt that most of the land will remain a farm and benefit of our community for generations to come! THANK YOU to all who have been a part of this extraordinary effort!

LexFarm featured in FBEA newsletter…

FBEA logoCheck out the “New Farm Spotlight” of Farm-Based Education Association’s Winter newsletter!


…and again

Once again our dear goats appear on the home page of the Lexington Patch – this time to announce our new winter programs. Please take a look.

Many thanks to the Patch for publishing these stories about the LexFarm Goat Yard!

LexFarm Goats in the News (again)

If you peruse the news today, you will see none other than our own sweet LexFarm goats looking out at you from the Lexington Patch home page!

Click the link under the photo of our goats, and you will see that visiting the goats this Sunday is one of the Patch’s “Five Things To Do This Weekend.” So, come on over for visiting hours this (and every) Sunday, 1-3pm!

This is what we mean by “farm-based education”

Patch Video play
Great video from Patch (click on picture to play and read accompanying patch article.) We are thrilled that the word about the goat yard is spreading, and we’re beginning to realize our mission for farm-based education right here in Lexington, MA! Many thanks to Patrick Ball, editor of Lexington Patch.com for spending time at the goat yard yesterday and providing this great video for the community. We think we’re doing a great thing! If you think so too, please help support us by becoming a member…or “adopting” a goat!

Boston Globe article

Boston Globe photo by Jon Chase of Sofia with one of the goats

Our new goat yard has certainly created a buzz in Lexington…first an article in the Minuteman on Thursday and today an article in the West section of today’s Boston Globe.

Are you interested in visiting and learning more?

Contact us here and spread the word!!




Minuteman article about our new goat yard

LexFarm goatyard Thanks to the  Lexington Minuteman for the nice article about our new goat yard!

This project will be successful only with community support; we hope you’ll arrange to visit , volunteer, and spread the word about this new opportunity for farm-based education in Lexington. Of course, your donation of any amount is particularly helpful right now.

Please fill out this form to let us know how you’d like to be involved! THANK YOU for your interest and support!