Education1 As part of our mission to serve the local area with hands on, farm-based education, we offer a variety of programs focused on sustainable food systems, from gardens to farms.


On the Farm
Farm-based programs at LexFarm are as diverse as the communities we serve. Our intent is to foster connectedness to the farm land, farmers, history and each other, through a deeper understanding of the food system. Programs on the farm will provide hands-on instruction on such topics as building healthy soil, promoting animal habitat, four-season composting, home gardening, and sustainable food production.

Around Town
LexFarm was founded by residents of Lexington and Arlington and is committed to the preservation of farming in our community as an integral part of the Towns’ health, heritage and ongoing civic life. Education outreach (off farm) includes collaborations with public and private schools, civic and service organizations, and social service agencies.

Learning Garden
Our 45 x 60 ft. Learning Garden is where we offer a variety of memorable and authentic on-farm experiences for all age groups. Our programs represent the collaborative effort of dedicated classroom and environmental educators, and are designed to promote respect for natural resources, the rhythms and cycles in nature, agriculture and the food system, as well as the satisfaction of manual work. We have plans to develop the garden to include modifications that will make our hands-on programs available to people of all abilities and ages.

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LexFarm welcomes individual, family, and civic/corporate group volunteers. To learn about opportunities to volunteer on the farm or for our non-profit, contact or go to



Lexington Community Farm is a non-profit, working farm connecting the community with local food and sustainable practices while preserving historic farmland. Our education programs currently focus on healthy soil, its role in combating climate change, and how to make and preserve it. Because we wouldn’t have healthy soil without worms, we have traveling worm bins complete with hands-on programs available for visiting classrooms, parties and other events! Learn how to help worms to help the earth, and help enrich your garden’s soil food web while having fun by emailing: