Candidates' Night Recap

(Pictured from Left to Right: Deb Mauger, Iang Jeon, George Burnell and Wendy Manz)

Thanks to all of the candidates and residents for joining our conversation last night at the LexFarm Candidates’ Night.  Selectmen candidates, George Burnell, Iang Jeon and Deb Mauger, along with unopposed Planning Board candidate, Wendy Manz, answered (and sometimes dodged) many questions about land use, farming, and specific details about the Busa property. In general all the candidates seems supportive of the idea of retaining farming as one of the uses of the land, but were understandably reluctant to fully endorse a community farm over other interests, such as affordable housing and recreation.

A highlight was resident and town meeting member, Margaret Heitz, describing her experience as a member of the Waltham Fields Community Farm, and suggesting that participating in a community farm is just as much a “recreational” activity as anything provided by ballfields or tot lots. She also emphasized the multi-generational aspects of community farms. She then asked the candidates, “Do you get what I’m saying?” While all responded in the affirmative, don’t color me 100% convinced just yet. As evidenced by Wendy Manz’s response to a later question, there continues to be confusion regarding the difference between community gardens and community farms. There is still a lot education and enlightenment work ahead of us.

For those who couldn’t make it please watch for the event on LexMedia at some point in the near future.