“… a community farm is absolutely the wisest long term land use for this property.” – Pam Shadley

Pam Shadley, member of the Busa Land Use Proposal Committee made this statement on February 2, 2011 as the committee re-iterated its consensus that LexFarm’s proposal for a community farm be recommended to Lexington’s Board of Selectmen:

“During the course of this process my sense of the true and critical importance of our recommendation has heightened, due primarily to the incredible value of this parcel.It has unique attributes that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, including its proximity to the Arlington Reservoir and Munroe Brook and its current use as a farm. As an individual, and I understand that I am only one voice on this Committee, I believe that the Busa land should be used in its entirety as a community farm. I believe that because it currently is a farm, it has the correct infrastructure and soils, it will not cost the Town ANY money for its establishment and, because I feel the weight of a future where land will become ever more valuable and be more densely settled, that a community farm is absolutely the wisest long term land use for this property. I believe that in 100 years the people of Lexington will say, “I am so glad that in 2011 Lexington had the wisdom to decide that it needed and wanted a community farm.”

Read here for complete minutes from the Feb. 2nd meeting: