Committee is “enthusiastic about its support for a community farm…”

Last night, the Busa Land Use Proposal Committee presented its final report to Lexington’s Board of Selectmen.

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The final statement reads as follows:
“The Busa Land Use Proposal Committee is enthusiastic about its support for a community farm. We believe this is an exciting and unique opportunity for the Town of Lexington to embrace both its past and its future, and to respond to the desires of a currently underserved population The majority also support affordable housing on this site, in a modest, integrated way, if it is compatible with the farm operation. Two members also support an athletic field, under appropriate conditions.
Our recommendation is based on this site, its distinct soils, its existing infrastructure, its ecological context, an overwhelming demand for farming in Lexington, and the desire of the members of the BLUPC to see this land benefit the residents of Lexington.

The full report is available here.