Visit the new Goat Yard

LexFarm Goat YardOn Sunday, October 30 from 1pm – 4 pm, we’ll be hosting our very first public event at the new goat yard! Please join us as we begin a new farm-based education program in Lexington: learn about how these intelligent, highly social animals can contribute to sustainable farm systems. Learn how you can help! We’ll introduce you to Ionia, the cute goat kids, and most importantly: to Ben Schlosser and Sofia McDonald Games, the caretakers who will be working with the goats, LexFarm, and the public, to help our new farm-based education operation grow.

LexFarm goat barn

The introduction to the goat yard will feature Ben and Sofia, along with LexFarm board members –ready to answer whatever questions you might have about these goats, and about LexFarm’s future plans for farm-based education in Lexington. Suggested donation: $5 ($10/family). Park at Busa Farm, 52 Lowell St., Lexington.