Leap Day: Last Day for Founding Membership!

LexFarm membership brochure coverWhile you can become a LexFarm Member tomorrow, TODAY, February 29, is the deadline to become a “Founding Member.”  So take advantage of this extra day in February and join now!

A donation of $20.00 for an individual membership or $35.00 for a family membership will help us meet our current expenses and plan for the future.  You can sign up online at: http://lexfarm.wpengine.com/membership

or send a check payable to Lexington Community Farm Coalition at P.O. Box 554, Lexington, MA 02420.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by Founding Members include:

• A vote (or two with Family Membership) at our Annual Meeting (coming up on March 11)
• Free access to LexFarm’s Goat Yard during Visiting Hours.
• Discounts on LexFarm educational programs
• Knowledge that YOU have helped establish a firm base for LexFarm by being designated as a “Founding Member” in all member listings and for all subsequent years of membership.