Plant a Meal at the Market

Join us today at the Lexington Farmers’ Market and plant a meal!

Container GardenLexFarm is sponsoring a community growing project at the Lexington Farmers’ Market on June 19 to promote vegetable growing, healthy-eating habits, and farm-based education. Plant a Meal encourages people to grow a small pot of vegetables to enjoy with their family, friends, or neighbors. Participants should BYOC— Bring Your Own Container—and LexFarm will supply the planting medium, three-seed mixes, and guidance. There will be different types of seed mixes with which growers can experiment: herbs, mixed greens, and salad.

If you don’t have time to plant a container, please stop by and learn about how you can participate in the Blue Ribbon Contests at the Lexington 300th Anniversary Country Fair in September!