Must See Film at Cary Library tonight

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our LivesLexFarm and Nourish Restaurant in Lexington are offering an opportunity to see the film “Genetic Roulette: the Gamble of our Lives”

Monday, June 10:  6:30 pm
Cary Memorial Library
1874 Mass. Ave, Lexington

The movie and refreshments are FREE, but seating is limited. Doors open at 6:30 with pre-film refreshments from Nourish Restaurant. Post-film discussion led by Jack Kittredge of NOFA/Mass.

Here is more information about the movie from the NOFA Mass May newsletter:

“Jeffrey Smith, last year’s NOFA Summer Conference keynoter, directed this powerful movie. It raises the question of whether the presence of GMO foods, increasing in the American diet since 1996, with their novel proteins (to which our immune systems have not become accustomed), has resulted in an epidemic of inflammatory diseases.

A number of doctors, clinicians,nutritionists, and other practitioners speak about their experiences with clients suffering from leaky guts, allergies, autoimmune diseases, autism, and other such conditions.They testify that the simple act of weaning these patients from GMO foods and getting them onto organic and non-GMO diets has resulted in miraculous “cures”. We also hear from parents with autistic or highly allergic children, and from farmers who have been feeding GMO feed to livestock.”