Snoopy and Snowy do a Dance

snoope and snowy Judging by how hot it’s been the last few weeks, it seems crazy that we’ve only just begun the first week of July, and the goats agree! The goat yard was quite busy last month as we began to make the transition into summer mode. Visitors were stopping by left and right and lots of people braved the humid heat to join us for visiting hours on Sundays. Today we had a group of students visit from the Pelham Academy and they seemed to really enjoy meeting our four legged friends (the babies especially). While the older members of the herd were out being walked, the babies had to stay behind in the pen and they were not happy about it. After a few minutes of desperate bleating they gave up and decided to amuse themselves instead with a friendly game of headbutting. You can see Snoopy and John Snow squaring off against each other in the picture while Lilac keeps her distance. Hopefully the heat and humidity will give way to some dry summer days soon! Until then, all of us at the goat yard wish you a happy Fourth of July and we hope you come to visit with us this Sunday from 1-3 PM!