Notes From the Field — September

With this latest stretch of warm, dry September weather, it’s hard to believe autumn is upon us.  As a farmer, summer feels like a collection of grueling, hot work days mixed with a constant choice between tasks, all which effect the outcome of the crops, the satisfaction of farmstand customers and CSA shareholders, and the farm’s income. Do we weed the tomatoes before the weeds produce seeds for next year, or do we plant kale for the fall?

notes-from-fields-septWe have been working to anticipate and navigate these choices since March, and it is hard to believe we are nearing the end of our CSA season. This fall, the crops we’ve planted will keep us busy, and we will also be taking time to turn toward planning. As we take a step back from the commotion of this transitional season, we are excited and hopeful as we begin carefully creating next year’s plan. We hope to continue with our goal to remediate some of the diseases in our soil and increase production over the next few years. Stay tuned for more details on our plan for next year over the next few weeks!      — Farmer Tim Hines

If you are interested in helping Tim in the fields, join him for drop-in hours on Thursday afternoons or Wednesday and Saturday mornings. All ages high school and older are welcome! We are an approved organization for community service hours at Lexington High School.