Notes from the Field (Week of Oct 3rd)

The frenzy of activity on the farm through the summer is matching the fast growth of leafy greens, onslaught of ripe tomatoes, and never-ending yields of squash.  As a farmer, you become accustomed to constantly moving in order to keep up.

Suddenly we find ourselves wearing jackets, pushing the start time of our harvest back to allow time for the sun to rise, and this week, we’re actually waiting for some of our greens to size up rather than cursing them for getting too big too fast!  It feels as though we stood up from between two rows of tomatoes and the end of the CSA is here.

We’ll be sad to say goodbye to our odd-week alternate week shareholders. The good news is, we’ll be sending them off with a nice big distribution this week, and the farm stand will remain open through the end of October. Remember to come back and visit!
— Tim Hines, Lexington Community Farm Manager