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Introduction to Hydroponics with Freight Farms 8/12 10am-noon

Introduction to Hydroponics with Freight Farms 8/12 10am-noon

August 12 (Sunday), 10am-12pm

Hydroponic growing is the practice of growing plants without soil. Learn about different systems, techniques, and the basic principles behind growing vegetables hydroponically. Debate around whether some hydroponic systems should qualify for USDA Organic Certification has swirled in the past year. What better way to decide for yourself than to learn more about these techniques and how they compare and differ to the way we grow crops in our farm fields.

Join our instructor David from Freight Farms and Brothers in Farms LLC.

Learn about:

  • Intro to plant growth (Root system vs leaves, nutrient absorption, photosynthesis)
  • Using water as a growing medium
  • Different types of hydroponic systems (NFT, DWC, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, etc.)
  • Optimizing plant growth (Nutrients, lights, air flow)
  • Benefits and Drawbacks to Hydroponic Growing in the 21st century

Admission price/person, per date: Members $25, Non-members $30
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