Notes from the Field : Week 15

Notes from the Field : Week 15

Last week we planted the strawberries for next year. This was the second to last planting of the season. The only thing left to plant is our garlic for next year!

This is what you might call the shoulder season. It’s not quite summer (although tomatoes are still holding on and it will be in the 80s over the weekend) and it’s not quite fall (although we’re harvesting fall crops now).

We have some great looking purple top turnips that we harvested this morning as well as what seems like it will be a great sweet potato crop! Beets and carrots continue to size up and I think we’re on track to have a great fall here at LexFarm!

Our fall greens are looking nice too. I nibbled a bit of Red Russian kale on my field walk with Emmy yesterday morning and it was tender and delicious. Cool nights are great for our brassicas.

We’ve been mowing things and getting cover crop into the fields and it’s satisfying to imagine that we’re putting the fields to bed. Tucking them in and giving them a rest after all the work they’ve done for us this season.

Nothing we do is done by us alone. The soil and land we work with and on is a huge partner in everything we do and hope to do. Taking care to cover-crop it helps set us up for success in the future. Cover cropping provides erosion control, and adds organic matter and fertility to the soil so we can use less fertilizer. It’s an integral part of organic farming, and we’re glad to do it!