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Notes from the Field: 10/6/2020

Notes from the Field: 10/6/2020

This week we’re thinking about seeding more cover crops, but with little to no rain in the forecast, we have to commit to moving irrigation around in order for it to germinate and grow successfully.

We’re also starting to prepare in earnest for colder temperatures. We’ll start constructing low tunnels in order to protect tender crops from cold wintry temperatures. These low tunnels consist of metal pipes that have been bend into semi-circles (hoops), heavy weight row cover (reemay) and sheets of plastic.

In order to set these up, we have to create holes in the soil deep enough for the hoops to sit securely in the soil. Once it’s cold enough to need to cover everything, we then need to cover it with a layer of reemay and plastic, securing these layers with sandbags, stakes and twine. Covering and uncovering crops from the low tunnels is especially difficult because plastic and fabric aren’t as pliable when it’s cold out. Our fingers aren’t so nimble with cold temperatures either. Digging out a frozen edge of plastic and reemay from underneath slushy, frozen snow is no walk in the park. We do this so we can continue growing fresh greens and herbs into December.

It’s hard, cold work, but we think it’s worth it and we hope you do too! Our fall season sales will be moving online. Read our announcement for more details.