Why Donate to LexFarm?

Why Donate to LexFarm?

Your support helps us grow.

With your generosity, we have been able to increase our commitment to education, to the health of our soil, and to the people who comprise our community.

  • Education: We’ve deepened our ties with the Arlington and Lexington elementary schools, creating after-school programs for early release days, doubling the number of children’s programs we offer, and increasing almost 4-fold the number of children participants
  • Community Involvement: We’ve created new ways of engaging with LexFarm, including a youth farm crew and an invasive-weed-control team.
  • Community Partnerships: We built community partnerships in areas including food donation and hunger relief, zero-waste initiatives, educational programming, local food, native species, health and wellness, and the arts.
  • Sustainability and Food Access Our newly organized volunteer program has allowed us to take advantage of critical state grant funds and increase our capacity to grow, store and donate food by building a new hoophouse and outdoor cooler.

Every day, we connect people to the source of their food and donate food to those in need. Collectively, we help to build a more sustainable future.

As we prepare for our tenth year of farming in 2023 and plan for the next decade, we look to the community for continued support.

Your contribution will shape our future.


Lexington Community Farm Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible and directly support the operation of the farm.