Arlington residents: Busa Farm Action

Arlington is Busa Farm’s largest abutter. Arlington residents should have an equal voice as any other abutter in preserving the character of their neighborhood, and particularly in protecting their own property and delicate eco-system, the Arlington Reservoir from runoff and other hazards of development on the Busa land. Arlington Selectwoman Clarissa Rowe was invited along with Town Manager Brian Sullivan – to speak with the Busa Land Use Proposal Committee last Fall, 2010. But Lexington’s Selectmen have not yet heard from representatives from Arlington.

UPDATE: Arlington’s Board of Selectmen took up the Busa Farm issue on Monday, August 22nd. You can read about it in the Arlington Advocate here.

Here is what Arlington residents can still do:

(1) Arlington residents can call Arlington Selectmen, particularly the Chair Clarissa Rowe, at 781-643-3156 and thank her for her leadership, and add your name to those  in Arlington who are concerned about this issue. Tell her your reasons.

See below  for emails and phones of other Arlington Selectmen.

(2) Keep the discussion going in Arlington: Post a message on the arlington list (; this is a very active list where you can ask other Arlington residents to call their selectmen as above; ask them to send their friends in Lexington to this web page:

(3) If you or anyone you know would seriously consider supporting a future Lexington Community Farm on the Busa site by purchasing a CSA share, please sign up here :

Here are emails and phone numbers for Arlington Selectmen:

Diane M. Mahon 781-646-9038
Annie LaCourt 781-641-2918
Daniel J. Dunn 617-710-4081