CSA Signup

Welcome to the signup for the Lexington Community Farm 2022 CSA!

Please read the following before completing the signup form.  Since all communication about the CSA will be from [email protected], please look in your junk and spam folders and make sure emails from [email protected] are not marked as junk or spam, so you don’t miss any of our communications.

LexFarm Membership

LexFarm is a membership organization. Purchasing a CSA share is a benefit of LexFarm membership. Membership fees support our mission around food access and education.

We require all Lexington Community Farm CSA shareholders to hold a LexFarm membership. LexFarm membership is not included in the cost of the CSA.

  • All Summer or Fall CSA shareholders must hold a 2022 LexFarm membership at the Household level or higher.
  • For Flower CSA shareholders, a 2022 LexFarm membership at the Individual level is sufficient.
  • Note: If you donated during our year-end appeal (after 11/1/21) your donation also went towards membership.

If you aren’t sure of your membership status, please email [email protected] to inquire.

If you need to renew or you are not already a LexFarm member, you can add membership to your order on the CSA signup form.

LexFarm Membership is deductible as a charitable contribution.

Splitting a Share with Another Household

  • If you would like to split your share, you will need to provide contact information for the additional shareholder so we can stay in touch with all shareholders once the season begins.
  • To simplify administration, the primary shareholder is our single point of contact during the signup/confirmation process. If you are the primary shareholder, you are responsible for addressing any issues with your share that are brought to your attention by our CSA administrator.
  • We administer split shares as one single share, so you will need to coordinate the single weekly pickup, payment, etc. between yourselves.
  • All participating households must maintain a 2022 LexFarm membership at the Household level (or higher). Please remind the second household to join or renew their LexFarm membership here.

Payment Methods

If you are signing up for the Summer CSA before March 1, you may pay in two installments. Half of the payment is due when you sign up, and the balance is due by April 1. Fall and Flower Shares must be paid in full at signup.

If you opt to pay online by credit card, a small fee will be added to cover the PayPal processing costs. To save the PayPal fees, choose to pay by check.

If you choose to pay by check, we expect to receive within a week of your signup. If no payment is received within a week of signup, you risk losing your share. If shares sell out, priority will go to signups in the order they complete payment. If you changed your mind and decide not to participate before you send payment, please be courteous and let us know at [email protected] that your plans have changed.

We strive to make our CSA shares available to everyone in our community. In cases of financial hardship, contact [email protected] for alternate payment plan options.


Full details of the CSA program can be found on our CSA page. See Frequently Asked Questions for additional details on how the CSA works. Any other questions can be sent to [email protected].

Registrations are processed in the order received. Available CSA options will be kept as up-to-date as possible, but there could be a lag.

We are delighted to introduce Suzanne Pan, who has volunteered to serve as LexFarm’s new CSA Administrator. Suzanne is learning from and taking on this role from Betsy Pollack, who created and led our CSA administration for more than 8 years.  As in any transition, there will be unanticipated bumps and turns and probably a longer response time. Know that we are grateful for your good natured patience, and that we will respond as quickly as we can.

The signup form includes multiple pages. To complete registration, you must fill out the required data on each page and click Submit on the final page. You will receive an automated email confirming you have submitted the form. Once we have verified your membership and received your payment, we will send you an official email confirmation of your CSA share.

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