Harvesting peppers and lettuce What’s the difference between a community farm and a community garden?

A community garden is a site where individuals can rent small plots of land for their personal use. If you are interested in renting a community garden plot you can find more information and a sign-up form on Lexington’s website.

A community farm is a farm that provides serves the needs and desires of the public. The farm is open to participation and enjoyment by anyone in the community, but the farm management decisions about what to grow and when to harvest, is handled by experienced farmers. The public programs – donations to food pantries, education and  volunteering is managed by the nonprofit staff (or volunteers). 

Who runs community farms?

In our area, most community farms are overseen by nonprofit organizations and governed by a Board of Directors who provide leadership and oversight needed to ensure that the community is served. The day-to-day farming operations are managed by a professional farm manager, and usually with a group of regular volunteers from the community.

How are community farms different from private farms?

Community farms are different from privately owned family farms in a number of ways. First, there is no debt, and the cost for use of the land–the greatest expense for many farmers in suburban communities–is minimal. Second, community farms are often run by non-profit organizations and so their business has oversight by a board of directors, who are community members. Finally, the farm’s mission is to respond to the needs of the community, not just to provide income to a particular person or family.

How will Lexington Community Farm be funded

Annual operation of the farm, including seed, compost, farmers’ salaries, lease payments to the Town for the land, insurance, etc will be supported by the sale of produce via Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares and the farm stand. However, all capital expenses and startup costs  and all public programs (e.g., for education and food donations) will be paid for through nonprofit fundraising: membership dues, individual and corporate donations and grants. Please consider a donation today!

Who will benefit from the Lexington Community Farm?

Lexington Community Farm will  benefit a wide swath of our community;  children will learn about nutrition and ecology; a large portion of farm produce will be donated or sold at a discount to those in need; students seeking community service opportunities; adults looking to share and learn hands-on from gardeners and farmers; local nature-lovers; and lovers of fresh, nutritious produce–all will benefit from Lexington Community Farm. 

How can I support Lexington Community Farm?

Become a Member*: Members are the heart of LexFarm and receive regular news and updates Membership dues are $20 (individual) and $35 (family)…it’s the easiest way to support LexFarm.

Donate*: LexFarm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and relies on monetary donations to provide the infrastructure needs of the farm and all the public programs. Please consider a generous donation at this time!

Volunteer: LexFarm relies on Members to join in and help with the programs they are most interested in.

The Lexington Community Farm Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.