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Workshop 1. Organizing a Community Farm in Your Town (audio) & Workshop 3. Educational Programs on Community Farms (audio)

Listen to the audio from the 2009, January 17 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference Track on Community Farms.

Let’s Propagate Community Farms by Ben Grosscup

From NOFA/Mass News, November – December 2008

Interested in Starting a Community Farm in Town? by Ben Grosscup

From NOFA/Mass News, January – February 2009

“Love of the Land” – Wendell Berry, Sierra Magazine, 2002

“Why should farmers be conservationists? Or maybe I had better ask why are good farmers conservationists? “Read more …

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Recommended reading for those who care about community farming and local food! Purchase the books through the links provided and a percentage goes to the Lexington Community Farm Coaltion!

Boston Globe West section – 5/3/09: Up on the farm

This article was very timely: published on the Sunday before  Lexington Town Meeting vote to purchase Busa Farm. In her presentation to Town Meeting during the discussion period, Janet Kern referred to this article with the subheading “A wave of interest in green living, community agriculture has area youths (and their parents) flocking to pitch in”

Breaking New  Ground

Parade magazine recently covered school gardening programs, including some programs by the National Gardening Association.