Take Action


THANK YOU FOR YOUR RECENT ACTION in calling and writing Selectmen, requesting a representative from LexFarm be seated on the Master Planning Committee. At the Selectmen’s meeting on February 22, 2010, it was acknowledged that the board had received “hundreds” of emails. Selectman Kelley said that he had never experienced such “passion” from citizens before…

ONGOING ACTION: Call and write to Lexington Selectmen to let them know how much you’d support a community farm in Lexington. The Selectmens’ contact information is at the bottom of this page. We ask that if you write in support of this organization specifically, that you make only positive statements about community farming, and not negative statements about other potential uses.

Sign the e-mail or letter with your name and address, and your Precinct number if you know it. You can check your precinct number on the precinct map.

If you send an e-mail, please send a copy to Janet Kern: [email protected]

Selectmen’s office phone number: 781-862-0500 X208
Selectmen’s e-mail: [email protected]
Mailing address: 1625 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington, MA 02420

Lexington Selectmen:

  • Norman P. Cohen, Chairman
  • Jeanne K. Krieger
  • Peter C.J. Kelley
  • Hank Manz
  • George A. Burnell

Lexington’s Town Manager Carl Valente:
Phone number: 781-862-0500 x275
Mailing address: 1625 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington, MA 02420