Goats in Winter: Staying Warm

Winter furOut at LexFarm’s Goat Yard this afternoon, volunteers, visitors, and goats alike enjoyed the sunny but brisk afternoon. All of us were prepared: humans with our manufactured coats, and goats with their natural winter coats.

If you visit the goat yard, you will notice that our goats have thick winter coats now, with three layers of hair to protect them from the elements:

  • Ground hair, the bottom layer, is dense and downy. It helps them regulate their temperature to stay warm.
  • Awn hair, the middle layer, helps protect the ground hair from the elements and provide further warmth.
  • Guard hair, the top layer, is coarser, longer, and more pigmented (colored). It helps keep snow and ice away from the lower layers.

With these layers of hair, our goats are well adapted to be happy and active in the cold winter months. They love to browse around the yard, and the kids love to play with each other in the snow. Sound familiar?

See you at the Goat Yard!