Ionia’s Progress

If you’ve been to LexFarm’s Goat Yard recently, you’ve seen that Ionia is looking “very pregnant.” She is in her 15th week of pregnancy, so she has about 6 more weeks to go. A strong doe and a great mom, Ionia continues to be out and about in the Goat Yard with Ella, Naya, and Sapphire. They are enjoying the beautiful snow!

At this stage, Ionia’s new kids look like little baby goats, with eyelids separating, nostrils opening, teeth beginning to erupt, and hair beginning to grow around the eyes, muzzle, neck, and chest. They are tiny: roughly 4 inches long, and weighing less than a pound. Without an ultrasound (which is not a routine part of pregnancy care in goats), we cannot tell how many kids she is carrying. Any guesses?