Selectmen site housing on viewscape

"I support using the Busa land for a community farm"Ignoring presentations, petitions, letters, phone calls and statements from hundreds of Lexington citizens for almost three years, Lexington’s Board of Selectmen chose on Monday night to site affordable housing along the only view of the farm, and leave open all options, including ballfields, for the remainder of the property.

While Chairman Hank Manz had set expectations in the previous meeting that all the uses would be decided before any siting decisions, in his absence due to illness, Selectmen Norman Cohen led the discussion and votes in a different direction. With a site plan for recreational ball fields on screen for the entire 1.5 hours of public comment and discussion, the Selectmen had very little to say that would encourage all those expecting their voices for a farm to finally be respected.

If you would like to see the Board of Selectmen’s meeting for yourself, follow this link to LexMedia onDemand.  From there, select “Board of Selectmen” from the Categories, then select the the meeting from 3/5/2012. .