Thanks to Our Many Volunteers

Paint Stained Helping Hands 8.19.16 BallentinePartnersIt takes many hands to run a farm.  We thank the many supporters of LexFarm who contributed time and muscle to help out. In September, the farm stand was treated to new siding; the Siding project was led by Andy McClaine with help from Mark Manassas on Sept 17th and 24th.  The farm stand also got a new coat of paint.  Porch painting was led by John Chamberlain on Sept 10th with numerous volunteers from a group of BU Alumni friends.

patrickThe trench for the power line was dug on August 28th and Sept 10th by Patrick Netreba and Mark Gabrenya with help from Sue Schiffer, Jim Barsoum, Mary Rose Scozzafava, and numerous volunteers from the group of BU Alumni friends. The trench was filled over many days by Mark Gabrenya, Andy McClaine, and volunteers on Oct 8th. We are grateful to Gretta Anderson and our new tractor for moving the soil to fill the trench and carrying away the rocks. It’s so much easier to do this kind of work with the proper equipment.