Notes from the Field: Fall/Winter Week 1

Notes from the Field: Fall/Winter Week 1

Notes from the Field

We’re so excited about our first fall CSA distribution tomorrow! It’s been a whirlwind of a week to get ready for it.

We took advantage of sunny skies early in the week to finish cleaning up our summer production fields.

We also finished pulling our storage crops this week, resulting in an epic washing of carrots and beets by Allison, Emmy, and Tim with our new root washer!

The last two days have been busy preparing for the Fall CSA and Bulk Sale. We’ve taken two big deliveries from Picadilly Farm and MX Morningstar Farm, two local organic farms who are helping us fill orders of storage crops. We’ve harvested fresh greens from under row cover, and cold-hardy crops straight from the field! We’re looking forward to sharing them with you Friday and Saturday.

Lastly, this week we’re saying good-bye to our amazing remaining farm crew! Momoko, Allison, and Emmy have worked tirelessly to grow your vegetables this season. They’ve added great ideas for improvements on the farm and we hope they’ll come back next season!