Notes from the field : Week 3

Notes from the field : Week 3

Last Wednesday evening we had our first concert (of the season/ever?) The Learning Garden was full of smiling faces as a jazz (and the scent of popping popcorn) filled the air.

Moments like these are so precious to us as a community farm. We’re hoping to provide enrichment to our community in addition to fresh, healthy food. Bringing people together on the farm is part of our mission, as we’re happy to do it!

Without a community of like-minded individuals to support us, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. It’s CSA members and community members alike who keep us going. By donating, shopping in our farm stand, and purchasing a seasonal share, you support us financially so we can keep fulfilling our mission.

You also support us with your joyful presence at the farm! Volunteers from the community help us by lightening our loads. Members walking the farm in the late afternoon sunlight gives us motivation to keep going. Kids splashing in the driveway puddle makes us smile through the rain. Hearing folks in the farm stand talk about how they enjoyed last week’s share warms our hearts (and gives us dinner ideas!)

Without our community, we wouldn’t be what we are. Thank you all for supporting Lexington Community Farm!

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