Notes from the Field : Week 10

Notes from the Field : Week 10
Week 10

Mid-August is a busy time here at the farm!

Cucurbits (cucumbers, summer squash and zucchini) are slowing down while, eggplant is chugging along and tomatoes are ramping up!

We’re also getting into harvesting storage onions, which have to cure in our greenhouse for a couple of weeks to dry the necks and seal off the pathway for disease.

I just finished seeding the final trays of our fall crops this week and we put in and covered our planting of fall brassicas.

The shorter days are signaling to us farmers that it’s maybe time to slow down, but the weeds have something else in mind. They actually go to seed faster as the days grow shorter, trying to guarantee a generation to succeed them. Thanks weeds!

Okay, back to work!

A Green Lacewing egg on a tomato. See that hair-like structure attaching it to the fruit? It’s one of my favorite things to find on the farm!
Green Lacewings are a predatory insect whose larvae eat soft  bodied insects like aphids, thrips and leaf hopper!

Emmy harvesting tomatoes.