Notes from the Field : Week 14

Notes from the Field : Week 14

We’re anticipating having lettuce again this week and more in the not too distant future along with other salad greens (arugula and baby kale).

These things have been difficult for us this season for a number of reasons. High temps in the greenhouse have caused germination failure in certain lettuce varieties and spotty germination in others. Rabbits and woodchucks have eaten some lettuce plantings and high temps and dry conditions have caused other plantings to bolt before we harvested them.

Arugula and baby kale have succumbed to flea beetle as well as weed pressure.

Luckily we’ve had kale, collards and chard to get us through these crop failures while still getting greens into the share. The kale crop we’ve been harvesting from these past few weeks has some flea beetle pressure, so the leaves have been looking a little worse for the wear. Now that we have other greens to harvest, we’ll give these plants a week or so off so.

Growing a wide variety of vegetables in several successions allows us to come back from these failures and use them as lessons. With so many variables, there are always new lessons to learn!