Notes from the Field : Week 18

Notes from the Field : Week 18

Notes from the Field

Our first frosts have come and gone. The more tender crops (tomatoes, husk cherries, tomatillos, peppers, beans and most of the flowers) were damaged by the frost. We were hoping to have some of those veggies for pick your own for another week or so, but there are no guarantees in farming!

I hope everyone was able to can, freeze, pickle or otherwise preserve at least one of the vegetables they received over the season. Preserving the harvest is part of having a CSA share. Having something homemade from your share to enjoy over the winter is one of the perks of being a shareholder.

We do still have hot peppers to pick this week, so if you haven’t preserved anything yet you should think about making a jar of pickled jalapenos or hot sauce or red pepper flakes with the cayenne peppers still out in the field.

Cilantro flowers on their way to becoming coriander.

A Green Frog (Lithobates clamitans) found at the edge of our field near the Arlington Reservoir.

One of the last sunflowers of the 2019 season